Posted by: jayteea | Sunday. 3 January 2010.

9 Things in 2009

As each new year starts, I like to look back at all that I have accomplished in the year prior.  This past year has been fantastic and I’m so happy about where I’m at now in my life.  Here are 9 things I did in 2009:

1. Gone from hiking backcountry Guatemala to working in an busy megacity…and changed my habits accordingly.  Now I paint my nails, ride the sleek and modern subway instead of rickety chicken busses, dress (slightly) more fashionably, and work out at the gym instead of in the mountains.

2. Danced a ton of salsa.  I went to my first 2 salsa congresses, started practicing outside of the club, destroyed 2 pairs of salsa shoes, and improved more than I had ever expected was possible.

3. Learned a lot about human relations and getting along with people.  (Now I just have to put it into practice…)

4. Saved money and paid off one student loan.  (Hooray!)

5. Lived by myself in my own apartment for the first time.  I love it, but I still miss having roommates.

6. Learned more about finding happiness from within, regardless of external factors.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

7. Changed unhealthy eating habits and lost almost 20 pounds.

8. Held my first full-time job.  (I can’t believe how much time full-time jobs eat up!  It’s crazy!)

9. Adapted to life in a culture far different from any other one I’ve ever known…and made some super cool Korean friends along the way!

Whew!  So much can happen in a year!  I can’t wait to see what 2010 will bring.

New Year’s Eve 2009:  sitting on a beach in Mexico, watching fireworks with one of my friends.  New Year’s Eve 2010: clinking glasses with the salsa crew and going out to dance till dawn in Seoul.  New Year’s Eve 2011?  Absolutely no idea.  (!)

Happy New Year!


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