Posted by: jayteea | Wednesday. 10 June 2009.

Man Does Not Live by Kimchi Alone

When I first moved to Korea,  I thought I’d completely adopt Korean eating habits.  After all, Korean food is totally healthy…isn’t it?

Well, to some extent it’s not that bad.  But really–white rice, pickled cabbage, breaded and fried pork?!?  Though there are healthy options, it’s not the best of the best among diets.  Besides, eating the same things every day gets kind of old.  Since I always eat the (free!) Korean-style school lunch offered, I feel like mixing it up on my off-time.

Thankfully, I live on a bus line…the Costco bus line, to be exact!  For the past two weeks, I’ve enjoyed food more than I have in a long, long time.  Salmon (I bought a whole one!).  Red wine.  Spanish olives.  Peanut butter and jelly (organic raspberry preserves, that is).  Kashi cereal.  Enough to make a girl cry…of happiness.

That said, I still have my Korean favorites.  Say “Bibimbap” and I’ll be there.



  1. Sounds delicious. What do you miss the most from home?

  2. I miss 100% whole wheat bread. No joke! They don’t sell it in stores here.

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