Posted by: jayteea | Thursday. 4 June 2009.

Aerobics, K-Pop style

Tonight I attended my first Korean aerobics class!

The class was called “Total Dance”. I went in expecting a dance aerobics class–maybe some cardio with dance moves thrown in for style. What I got was a lesson in dancing like Korean pop stars. Score!

Seriously, it was a great time. Not necessarily a good workout, but I learned how to dance to 2ne1’s “Fire”. You can see the video here. The first minute and a half is what we covered in class. Most of the moves were lifted straight from the video–especially the beginning parts (including making “21” with your fingers). Moves added by the instructor included blowing kisses, placing one finger to the temple in a “thinking” motion, and making heartbeat motions on the chest. I tried really really hard to be as cutesy as everyone else. Let’s just say that I have some work to do.

Thankfully, this class meets twice a week, so I can work on my stylin’ moves.



  1. That’s incredible. I wish I could come with you! No wonder everyone knows all the moves.
    Watching music videos this morning and I think I’ll begin practicing Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry moves 😉

  2. hahaha
    can i come and visit you???
    and watch everyone???
    you are becoming more koreanized everyday!!! 😛

  3. Jordan: Forget Super Junior! Let’s go for Gee. Yeah, SNSD!

    Martha: Re: becoming Koreanized, I wore a ribbon barrette in my hair (to one side, nonetheless) the other day. My Korean supervisor commented on how “girly” I looked. Maybe I’ve taken things too far?!?

  4. where do you took that classes?

    i’m in Seoul just looking for something like that…


    • I was taking classes at Swash Fitness Club, which is near Hongdae Station.

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