Posted by: jayteea | Tuesday. 12 May 2009.

Konglish, kind of

I am constantly amused by the random bits of English that show up in daily life here in Korea.

For example, some stationery I recently bought reads, “I love pretzel. The best way to cheer ourselves is always cooking and sharing yummy foods. Don’t bother yourself, cooking is always fun. Just bring your freely happy mind.”

Another instance: Starbeer Cafe…a Starbucks imitation chain that sells coffe and (you guessed it!) beer.

Today my coworkers and I nearly peed our pants, though. One of my student’s backpacks reads, in large, attention-grabbing letters, “EREXION”. Now, how would you pronounce that?



  1. Hola Jenny!!

    pues sí yo también vivo en Seúl, y suelo andar por Sinchon o Hongdae los fines de semana (también vivo cerca). Mi número es el 010-7654-3526. A ver si quedamos!

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