Posted by: jayteea | Wednesday. 9 April 2008.

The most sexually active country is…

France!  Tee hee hee.

…and that’s just one of the new things I learned while preparing my 8th graders’ English class for yesterday.

I was freaking out on Monday night, scouring the internet for fun classroom activities involving comparatives and superlatives (which are actually much more complicated than I thought!).  I finally stumbled upon, a “comprehensive source of continental and world rankings”, a.k.a. superlative heaven.  Since we have access to computers and laptops with an internet connection in my school’s bilingual classroom, I planned an activity around searching for specific world records.

In short, the activity was a success!  The kids even went beyond the worksheet prompts and started exploring the website and reading other texts in English.  I was really excited–I’m new to this whole teaching ESL thing and sometimes really unsure of what to do with a class of 26 crazed 12-year-olds.  My co-teacher even asked for a copy of the worksheet I put together.  Who hoo!

The site is actually quite entertaining…check it out.  You can even find out which sexually transmitted disease is the most prevalent in the US.  Bonus!


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