Posted by: jayteea | Thursday. 14 February 2008.


So it’s Thursday again.  Stupid Thursday.  It’s normally my recovery day from going out on Wednesday night.  Alas, I didn’t go out last night and now it is 10am and I have no ganas de hacer nada.  Sure, I could do my To Do list…grocery shopping, print off posters so that people actually start coming to my aerobics classes, catch up on e-mails, mail a postcard or two, etc., but those all sound boring.  I could read…but I only have stuff in Spanish and I just want to read something and understand every single freaking denotation and conotation of what the author has written.  I could go to the library and get some book in English.  Maybe I’ll do that.  Lately I’ve been carrying around a lot of books and not really reading them.  I wonder if the cardiovascular benefit of lugging them around outweighs the stress the heavy bags put on my shoulders/back/posture.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my love of reading.  Whenever that happens at home, I try to read something that I used to love, eg. Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Not an option here.  Bummer.

Okay.  Vaya post de mierda.  I had a point, really…I just don’t remember it.

Really, though, I am in Granada and only have 3 1/2 months left here.  I will probably never again live so near the Mirador de San Nicolás, from where I can see the Alhambra as if it were up on a stage with the Sierra Nevada as a backdrop.  I will have to aprovechar and go there today.  And not just sit at home and spend time on the internet.

I got another job offer for private English classes on Thursday mornings at 9.  Don’t think I’m going to take it.  Sure, it would suck getting up that early after going out on Wednesdays (if that becomes a tradition, even…at this point, I’ve only gone out 3 times on Wednesday), but even more than that, the guy really put me off by the way he wrote his e-mail.  The first one was really short and said that he was interested in the ad I posted online last month.  He used the informal address, i.e. “tú.”  I responded with info about myself and the classes I give and asked him about his interest in English.  So then he goes and writes this super formal letter al estilo “Estimada Sra./Srta.,” using the Usted form and verbs like “rogar.”  What the hell?!  This dude is a tool.  I bet he wrote a form letter and just inquired about lessons to a variety of people and sent them all the same crap.  That’s why I’m not taking the job.  Plus, it’s for a businessman with a medium-high level and I know nothing about English grammar.  If he wanted a conversation class, it would be different.

AHHHH!  My roommates bunny is loose again.  I just chased it out of it’s hiding spot under the closet/wardrobe thing in my room.  I am not touching it.  It’s cute and all, but it would be much cuter OUTSIDE in the countryside with its family instead of being cooped up in a covered cardboard box all day.  Sitting in your own shit is never fun.



  1. yay, I read your blog! Love it! Keep it coming, please.

    I guess it’s my turn…

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